Dear Member, 

Ongoing professional development is not a new concept. For some careers (accountants are one that springs to mind), ongoing learning and development is an unavoidable part of their career journey. It’s not quite as popular in other sectors where it’s not as tied in with career progression. Many employees feel as though their qualification or a degree is enough and further formal education is expensive and time-consuming.

The brutal reality is that ongoing learning and on the job training is a growing expectation employers have of their employees across the board. And the good news for employees is, in 2017 online education is becoming significantly more dynamic and appealing. It can be delivered in a number of ways, across many platforms and media.

Professional development events are no longer tedious, all-day seminars with tasteless sandwiches and bad coffee that you must attend or risk losing your designation. These days they’re progressive, practical online learning sessions, essential to any professional in Australia’s challenging and competitive workforce.

Last week, the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) released the “The New Work Smarts Report”. It analyses a massive 20 billion hours of work completed by 12 million Australians over 400 occupations. The report aims to predict the ideal skills and abilities Australian workers will require in 2030.

A couple of stand-out statistics from the report are

  • Today’s 15 year olds are expected to work for 17 employers over 5 careers1
  • By 2030 young workers will expect to spend up to 30% more time learning2

Coincidentally, last week we also held the first of our learning modules, a Treasury 101 webinar. We were delighted to have 90 participants, 20 of which were non-members. This is one of the highest registrations we’ve ever received for a webinar.

It’s clear by the FYA report, that ongoing professional development is no longer ‘something that accountants do’. It’s going to become a significant element of any finance professional’s career, including treasury professionals.

As an Association, the FTA has an obligation and an opportunity to attract and keep members by assisting them with their ongoing professional learning. We were pleased to welcome such a large number of delegates keen to develop their professional skills and hope to make quality ongoing professional learning a significant part of our offering to members.

Ongoing learning is core to a person’s career success and journey, and it has the added advantage of raising the bar for the entire profession. The FTA hopes to be a part of the ongoing education for its members well into the twenty-first century.

If you’d like to turbo charge your professional learning in a beautiful location, why not book in for the FTA Annual Conference to be held on the Gold Coast in November this year.  You won’t regret it.




Mike Christensen FFTP
FTA President