ACTA 2021 Awards Nominations

Voting now open with nominations will be accepted until Friday 11th February 2022.

The Australian Corporate Treasury Association (ACTA) is seeking nominations for the inaugural annual ACTA Awards. 

The awards are designed to recognise the efforts of outstanding treasury professionals, recognise vendors who strive for excellence in innovation and acknowledge banks that have shown unwavering commitment to corporate treasury throughout the 2021 calendar year. 

It has never been more important to share the achievement of our community and we look forward acknowledging and celebrating the outstanding efforts. 

The awards are presented in the following categories:

  • Treasury Team of the Year
    • open nomination
  • Vendor of the Year (innovation)
    • open nomination 
  • MVP Team Member of the Year
    • nominated by treasurers
  • Influential Treasurer of the Year
    • nominated by CFO’s
  • Bank of the Year (COVID response)
    • nominated by the treasury community
  • President’s Award (contribution to the ACTA) 

The finalists and winners will be honoured during the awards event incorporated within the Gala dinner as part of the annual Treasury Conference.

The 34th Annual Treasury Conference is scheduled on 5th May to 6th May 2022 in Melbourne.  

Tickets to the Gala dinner are included in the conference ticket price early bird – member price ($1,760) or a ticket for the Gala dinner can be separately purchased for $182. 

Include link to the conference to immediately book


Who can vote?

Nominations are accepted by any firm, business or an individual based on the nominator criteria defined for each Award category.  For example, the ACTA award for the Influential Treasurer of the year can only be nominated by the specific companies Chief Financial Officer.

What should I/we include in the submission?

We have provided space for a 500 word statement to accompany the category selections.  Given the word count we encourage participants to be as specific as possible when highlighting the expertise and work completed.  The statement must provide tangible examples to support the entry.  Good entries tend to focus on key reasons, key outcomes or achievements, and measurable results. 

An entry will not be considered unless there is an accompanying statement and all votes must be completed via our online voting system.

Can more than one individual/company win the same award?

Although it is not the express intention to have recipients of the awards to be from the same company, under the definition of the awards, then it is a possibility to have multiple finalists and/or winners from the same company.

Where did you get my information form / why have I been contacted?

If we contact you regarding the award process – is because you have been nominated via our online voting platform.  It is most likely that you have been short listed as a finalist or winner of a category.  We would welcome you to join the awards ceremony. 

The nominator is required to provide contact details for each nominee.  We do encourage nominators to advise you of the nomination, but this is not a mandatory requirement.  On occasion, nominators would like their nomination to remain confidential for various reasons.

Where will the Winners be published?

Award finalists and winners will be announced and honoured at the Gala dinner of the Annual ACTA Conference in Melbourne on 30th November 2021.  In addition the finalists and winners will be acknowledged on the ACTA linked in page and there will be an award s publication of the winners, sponsors in the Australian Financial Review within 2 weeks from the awards presentation.  The ACTA will feature the awards as part of the Xchange monthly newsletter. 

What do I get if I win?

We are fortunate to the sponsors for each award.  These sponsors together with representatives of the ACTA Board will award each of winners at the Gala dinner which may be accompanied by an Award Prize.

Can I submit more than one entry?

Yes, you can vote for across each of the award categories.  We do encourage only one vote for each category.  Consideration will be given as the number of votes by the same person or firm more than once.  Please be sensible.

How can I find out more about the awards process?

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact our Awards team via email on

To register a nomintation for the Australian Treasury Awards CLICK HERE