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Webinar: Hedge Accounting & EOFY Readiness

With EoFY now upon us, tune in for a hedge accounting refresh to prepare you for audit time. Also covered will be hedge accounting using internal derivatives, designating equity investments in a hedge relationship, and imputing synthetic legs into a derivative to qualify for hedge accounting.    Presenters: Kevin Mitchell – Partner, Rochford Thomas Averill […]

Workshop: Bank Treasury SIG

We invite you to join us for our upcoming half-day workshop for bank treasury, in partnership with Deloitte and FIS Global. This workshop is targeted for Treasurers within the Banks and Mutuals, however we do encourage all Treasurers who have an interest in this bank treasury to attend. Presenters: Steven Cunico – Partner, Deloitte Analysis […]

Webinar: Cryptoassets and Regulatory Change: Local and Global Perspectives

Cryptoasset markets are in focus and developing rapidly; there is significant potential for new applications in financial services. Regulators are quickly catching up. What are the major developments in cryptoasset markets and regulations that you need to be aware of?  This session will cover policy developments across markets and at the global level to give […]

Webinar: Transforming Trade Finance through Digitisation

Big picture:– Layout the current challenges in trade finance. Highlight example of a company.– What is this digital revolution everyone’s talking about in trade finance?– Which instrument is being digitised? Why LCs? Role of Contour:– Vision and technology– How DLT can solve this problem The benefits of digitisation — why this is important for corporate […]

Webinar: Trade Tensions and the Inevitable RMB Internationalisation

This webinar shares insight on global trade tensions How it impacts APAC regional trade relationship, especially the Australia / China relationship What opportunities and challenges it presents ; and why RMB Internationalisation matters to Australian corporates Speakers: Philippe Dauba-Pantanacce – Geopolitical Strategist, Standard Chartered Bank Edward Lee – Head of ASEAN & South Asia Economic […]