Message from the CEO

Dear Members,

Welcome to June, I hope you’re all moving through the end of year smoothly!

We are also in end of year mode, but also the new year and strategy mode.  The next year will see us continue to work on our strategy of building our core services to members – CPD, networking, education, and Thought Leadership, the things that as members you should expect.  This means improving what we already have, but also working on some new initiatives, especially better use of technology and digital.

Late last year we went to the membership with a new annual survey.  The survey was wide-reaching and was completed by a really high number of members, which is very pleasing. But more importantly, the participation of you all gave us great insight into what we should be focussing on.  You told us that –

  • While our membership is still heavily focussed on the corporate treasury teams, there is growing diversity;
  • That half had very regular interaction, and the majority at least once a year;
  • That you want to see us continue to grow our webinar delivery, that networking is very important, that online delivery should be developed, more case studies are desired, blogs and thought leadership;
  • While our CPD program is valued, some deeper content is required, as well as more cutting edge topics.

All of this feedback is helping shape what we want to deliver.  In addition to continuing to offer our webinars, Essential Treasurer, Fundamentals, Treasury Management, and networking functions, we are working on bringing podcasts, more services to our younger and female members and more in the ‘soft skill’ area of career and professional development. We will also look to continually improve our website, including making it more device friendly, and introducing a communications forum so that our members can interact with each other in online networks, as well as face to face.

The paper, ‘The Treasurers Toolkit’ which is included in this newsletter has a number of important observations for the treasury profession and those in it.  Relationship building and communication skills are becoming more and more important.  Awareness of organisational objectives and how to influence them is another key skill that treasurers will be looked at to build.  At the same time, the report tells us that the hard skills of risk management, capital management, and corporate governance are likely to be as important in the next decade as they are today – no surprise I’m sure to any of you!  What this means is that, to quote the report, ‘Treasurers don’t look like they used to.  That’s a good thing since today’s treasury demands a range of skills not previously associated with the function.  However, there’s still work to do to ensure the industry has the right skills for the future’.

All of this means that as an association, we have a responsibility to you, the members, to build a community where you can continue to learn new skills, stay up to date with existing ones and network with your peers and stakeholders.  This community can be the anchor point of your career as it changes roles, changes employers and changes skills.  Thank you for continuing to give us the opportunity to do that, and for providing the feedback that helps us build the organisation you want to be a part of.

Ben Leaver