Dear Members,

Our highest priority as an organisation is to provide quality education and CPD, networking and some fun for our members, creating a real ‘Treasury Community’. In line with this, our Conference for 2019 in Melbourne is really starting to take shape and we will soon be starting to announce our speakers and program, complimenting our theme of ‘The Trusted Treasurer – staying the course in uncertain times’.

In addition to this, we have a number of Treasury Management courses now open for registration along with our new Fundamentals course taking registrations for Sydney in June.  We hope to take this to other cities in the second half of the year. Similarly Treasury Management will be heading to Perth and Adelaide in the new Financial year.

As Lindesay discusses in his Technical Committee column, the IBOR fallbacks issue is one that is top of mind for many, with a lot of discussion and work being undertaken by ISDA and AFMA.  FTA are also represented at AFMA meetings, and will also soon be attending an RBA seminar.  It is important that we keep members abreast of issues such as this and we will endeavour to do so.  We will also be holding some sessions later in the year with APLMA once the ISDA response is known.


Ben Leaver