Message from the CEO

Dear Members,

Welcome to the new financial year!  I hope the  finalising of 17/18, and planning for 18/19 is coming along well for everyone.

From an FTA perspective, we’re super keen to get the new year up and going.  While we continue to look at new ways of doing things, and delivering value to our members, we have also been very mindful of doing the basics well this year.  By that I mean, delivering core services that you should expect as an FTA member – valuable content delivered on the key topics, CPD both face to face and via webinar, a fantastic conference and just good service when you need something.  A lot of you will have noticed that Naomi Braham is back with us after a few years doing other things.   Naomi has been a tremendous asset to us already, and I’m personally looking forward to having Naomi around now as we enter the new year – that great customer service that she offers is invaluable.

Part of the CPD and networking offering is being able to put on face to face events around the country.  Following our successful International Womens Day breakfast in Melbourne, we recently held a Women in Finance and Treasury lunch in Sydney.  Held at the sensational Bloomberg’s office, we had a great turnout come along to see our speaker, Penny Locaso discuss Fear as your Future.   Events like this are an important part of what we want to bring you – we’ll be discussing similar for other cities with your State Committee’s, as well as building on the momentum in Melbourne and Sydney.

Finally I’d like to thank Cale Bennett for his great article on the new Leasing Standards – a topic that is or should be top of mind for many, but perhaps still a little mysterious!

Have a great month.


Ben Leaver
Finance & Treasury Association