Dear Member, 

As I write this piece, I’ve just received some exciting news.

I’ve been told by those in the know, that our 800th member just signed up.   So what, you might say?  The Association’s membership has been above 800 members in the past, right? True enough.

However, going back only 18-24 months ago, our numbers were closer to 700 than 800.

The FTA’s membership, like all other Associations, goes through cycles and structural changes.  These are influenced by many things. The health of the economy is a big influence. Others are changing demographics, and changing work environments and work practices.

In this age of disruption, many Associations have faced challenges in growing their membership base. Associations have had to invest in themselves to increase their attractiveness to potential members. And as the way we work has changed, our member’s needs for support along their career journeys have also changed. The Association must adapt to this too.

Membership growth is important. It’s one of the elements of a strong and vibrant Association. But member growth is just one side of the story…

Member satisfaction is the other. These two never operate in isolation. If members don’t see value in their membership, they won’t renew. That’s why the board is focused on Net Promoter Score (NPS) as one of our key performance indicators. NPS measures how likely members are to endorse and recommend the FTA to others. And since we began measuring it more than 18 months ago, we’re pleased to say the FTA’s NPS has been increasing steadily.

This increase is not a trend we take for granted. The relationship between member growth and member satisfaction needs constant attention and iteration. The moment we become complacent is the moment we take member satisfaction for granted and that’s simply not acceptable. We’re here to help members connect, develop and engage. If we do this well, then barring any structural impacts, the Association will continue to thrive.

So yes, we are excited and proud to be part of a growing Association.

Technical Committee changes

In the last newsletter, I announced that Steven Cunico had been appointed to the FTA board. Prior to his appointment, Steven had been Chair of the FTA Technical Committee for the past 5 years.

To facilitate Steven’s transition to the board, nominations were called for a new Technical Committee Chair.

I am pleased to announce that the new Chair will be Lindesay Brine from the National Australia Bank.

Lindesay has been a long serving (over 11 years) member of the Technical Committee and has provided invaluable input over that time. With a background in banking, risk and regulation, and with the raft of changes in bank regulation since the GFC, Lindesay has not only provided great insight to the committee but also significant contributions to industry consultation papers.

The committee will be in great hands with Lindesay taking the helm.

Governance and culture

Lately, I’ve been following the events unfolding at CPA Australia. I don’t intend to provide a critique on these events but I will say they have been unfortunate and have led to much disruption for CPA members and those working for the organisation itself. If nothing else, it provides an opportunity for the FTA to reflect and look inward.

Our recent board discussions have centred on governance, transparency, crisis planning and communication.

You may recall one of the key focuses of the FTA in 2016 was governance. While I was extremely pleased to have governance as a key focus and satisfied with the traction we made, investment in governance is not simply a ‘set and forget’ activity. While governance is about setting up and maintaining frameworks, benchmarking and reporting, equally it’s a mindset and part of an organisation’s culture. The mindset that we have as a board of directors, will permeate throughout the organisation. This means there must be constant reflection at board meetings on whether we are achieving effective governance.

Good governance is also about ensuring the organisation’s stakeholder interests are front of mind.  And that’s the challenge. The interests of the various stakeholders of an organisation are not always aligned, and managing these conflicting interests can be tricky. That’s also a key role for the board of any Association.

We value your views on these and other Association matters, both formally or informally. Formally, you have the chance to express your view at the FTA’s AGM, held each year as part of the Annual Conference in November (at the gorgeous Gold Coast). Come along. We’d love to see you there and hear from you.


Mike Christensen FFTP
FTA President