Dear Members,  

Changes to the FTA Board of Directors

I’ve written in previous newsletter pieces that I’m a big fan of committee rotation, succession and invigoration.  Sometimes these rotations occur in a planned and orderly fashion and sometimes change is forced upon us due to events beyond our control. Either way, they present an opportunity (provided risk is adequately managed).

Scott Hamilton

I have been notified that Scott Hamilton is no longer in a position to continue as a director for the FTA. Scott was the FTA’s Victorian Chapter representative.

Scott has made a significant contribution to the Association, and was recognised for this when he was awarded a Fellow of the Association at last year’s conference.

Scott’s written pieces and use of the media have helped raise awareness of the knowledge and skills that finance and treasury professionals bring to the business community.  He’s been instrumental in fostering and developing the relationship that exists today between the FTA and the RBA.

Scott has incredible awareness of international issues (particularly across Asia) and their impact on finance and treasury as well as the broader Australian economy.

I would like to take the opportunity to personally thank Scott for his contributions to the board through the course of 2016.

Steven Cunico

It is with great pleasure that I announce Steven Cunico’s appointment to the FTA Board.

Steven has been a long-time supporter across many parts of the Association.

For the past 5 years Steven has done a fantastic job as Chair of the FTA Technical Committee.  He’s led the committee through some extraordinary and positive change. Steven’s also orchestrated the induction of new members, promoted greater transparency, and renewed focus on providing leadership to all members. And finally, he’s provided thought provoking ideas and suggestions to regulators.

Steven had a big part to play in securing Vandita Pant’s (Group Treasury and Head of Europe, BHP Billiton) attendance and participation at last year’s conference.

Steven has also been instrumental in helping with the development of the Association’s approach to learning.

He holds a deep-seated belief that the Association and its members are there to help support and develop the next generation of finance and treasury professionals.

Congratulations, and welcome Steven.  I look forward to your contributions and insights to the board.

Fundamentals of Treasury Operations Conference

Thanks to those of you that registered and attended this year’s Fundamentals of Treasury Operations Conference. We had our biggest number of registrations for this conference since inception.

We’d love any feedback on your experience at the conference. Let us know what you enjoyed, and if there are any areas in which we can improve.

Annual Conference

Finally, the program for this years Annual Conference, “Thirty Years and Beyond, Managing Risk in the New World” is taking shape. We have some fantastic opening plenary and closing keynote speakers lined up, so register your place now.


Mike Christensen FFTP
FTA President