The ACTA’s member recognition program acknowledges long-standing ACTA members and thier commitment to the ACTA and the Treasury profession.

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The ACTA member recognition program to acknowledges the long standing commitment and contribution to the Association and the Treasury profession by our member. Our loyal members make it possible for ACTA to create professional development, events and networking opportunities, information and the latest news and development in Treasury.

The program recognises the following milestones on the anniversary points of 1 January and 1 July each year:

  • Blue Members
    • 0-4 years
    • 5 years
  • Bronze Members
    • 10 years
    • 15 years
  • Silver Members
    • 20 years
  • Gold Members
    • 25 years
  • Platinum Members
    • 30 years

To be eligible, you must have held continuous financial membership since your original membership joining date. When you have reached one of the milestones listed, you will be notified in writing after the anniversary point that year. 

0-4 years’ membership
ACTA membership certificate, ACTA Branded USB (provided to all ACTA Members), blue ACTA member logo

5 years’ membership
You’ll be awarded a 5-year certificate, blue ACTA member logo

10 years’ membership
You’ll be awarded a 10-year certificate, bronze ACTA member logo

15 years’ membership
You’ll be awarded a 15-year certificate, bronze ACTA member logo

20 years’ membership
You’ll be awarded a 20-year framed certificate, silver ACTA member logo

25 years’ membership
You’ll be awarded a 25-year framed certificate, gold ACTA member logo

30 years’ membership
You’ll be awarded Platinum membership, 30-year plaque, platinum ACTA member logo, and receive 50% discount off your ACTA membership

What is Platinum Membership?

Platinum Membership is the highest honour bestowed by the Board of the Australian Corporate Treasury Association. It recognises the exceptional career of senior members of the profession, widely respected both in the community and in the profession. 

With your permission, ACTA will also publish your name in a list of members who have reached respective milestones.


What are the benefits of maintaining continuous membership – does the ACTA have a loyalty program?

Yes, ACTA rewards members who have maintained membership with us continuously, with milestones at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years. Each milestone is recognised in a different way, but can include presentation of certificates or plaques or public recognition in the ACTA’s The Exchange magazine, and social media.

The ACTA will endevour to recognise member milestones at State Networking Events infront of your collegues and peers. Should you wish not to be recognised, or are unable to attend an upcoming event please let us know via