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Striving for the Summits of Treasury with BNP Paribas – EACT – PwC - SAP Fintechs, Blockchain, Big Data: What’s in it for Corporates? What do we know? Real-time payments: How fast is fast in the world of treasury? Can technology alone put an end to cyber threat?
The ‘virtual reality’ of treasury

PwC is proud to present the latest edition of there global Treasury Benchmark survey for 2017.

Before zooming in on the findings, I’d like to thank the 220 corporate respondents for the time and effort...

FRTB program implications

While it is reasonably clear what is required for IT, data, and implementation, there are still some unknowns and some tough to deliver requirements, including Non-Modellable Risk Factors (NMRFs), Profit and Loss (P&L) attribution, and the question of whether full revaluation is needed to satisfy the attribution tests.

What’s going on with WACC rates in Australia?

The technical committee discussed the topic of Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) given that we are in the middle of year end reporting, and WACC is a critical input into performing asset impairment tests.  The general discussion acknowledged that there seems to be at times a disconnect between WACC rates used for investment and business valuation purposes versus WACC rates used by accountants and auditors for asset impairment testing (I may be stating the obvious here, but it is an issue that just won’t go away).

WOE is XVA? 

If you’re wondering what the title means, it stands for “What on Earth is X Valuation Adjustments”?  This month Colin Sharpe from NAB presented to the technical committee on the rapidly changing world of derivative valuations and pricing.  The reason for the “X” in XVA, is because there are now so many valuation adjustments for uncollateralised derivative transactions, that the acronym simply has an X as a placeholder for the numerous adjustments that are now applied by banks when pricing derivatives.

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union. There are significant consequences for many businesses and, while the departure process will take several years, businesses will be constantly refining their plans to identify the risks and opportunities that the UK’s exit may bring.

This Brexit Site has been created to help people navigate and understand what Brexit means for their business. The site includes an overview of: