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Insights CFO Sentiment | Edition 3

Confidence amongst CFOs continues to improve alongside the positive fortunes of the global economy.
That doesn’t mean that uncertainty doesn’t continue to prevail, but Australia’s most senior finance executives remain comfortable in the face of the challenges it presents. Risk appetite is up, innovation and technology – from blockchain to automation – remain keys to productivity improvements, and workforce wellness has emerged as an important focus.

What did Australia’s most senior finance executives make of the first half of 2017?


Good things come to those who wait, Nik Tandy, Head of Thought Leadership - Asia Pacific Global Markets HSBC writes, IFRS 9 / AASB 9 finally becomes mandatory in Australia in 2018. Initial proposals for the new Standard were first made public back in 2009, but it took until July 2014 before a comprehensive Standard was issued.

Striving for the Summits of Treasury with BNP Paribas – EACT – PwC - SAP Fintechs, Blockchain, Big Data: What’s in it for Corporates? What do we know? Real-time payments: How fast is fast in the world of treasury? Can technology alone put an end to cyber threat?
The ‘virtual reality’ of treasury

PwC is proud to present the latest edition of there global Treasury Benchmark survey for 2017.

Before zooming in on the findings, I’d like to thank the 220 corporate respondents for the time and effort...

Group Treasurer
Australian Gas Networks

Please tell us a bit about yourself

I have been in my current role for 18 months and have previously worked with a number of organisations, including Ernst & Young, ANZ and Peoples’ Choice Credit Union.  Whilst my core background has been through treasury and finance related functions

WOE is XVA? 

If you’re wondering what the title means, it stands for “What on Earth is X Valuation Adjustments”?  This month Colin Sharpe from NAB presented to the technical committee on the rapidly changing world of derivative valuations and pricing.  The reason for the “X” in XVA, is because there are now so many valuation adjustments for uncollateralised derivative transactions, that the acronym simply has an X as a placeholder for the numerous adjustments that are now applied by banks when pricing derivatives.

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union. There are significant consequences for many businesses and, while the departure process will take several years, businesses will be constantly refining their plans to identify the risks and opportunities that the UK’s exit may bring.

This Brexit Site has been created to help people navigate and understand what Brexit means for their business. The site includes an overview of: