Dear Colleague,

Well here it is, hot off the press, our new, members only newsletter.

We’ve created this newsletter to provide you with interesting, up-to-date content in an easy to absorb format. We understand you all have different information requirements, so we plan to improve the newsletter over time as we learn what is of most benefit to you. To help us do that, we might ask you a few short questions every now and again to keep us on track. We promise to make it quick and easy and always respect your time – we know it’s in short supply.

This initiative, along with the new member portal and other member based improvements which are in the early stages of planning, stem from the FTA leadership having recently completed research using a member centred design process.

What on earth is member centred design?

Member centred design aims to more deeply understand member needs and then use that understanding to create valuable improvements for members for the future.

The process involves:

  • Conducting extensive research. In FTA’s case this involved an independent customer design specialist conducting 8 different types of research methods. This included speaking with more than 120 members, interviewing and conducting workshops with a sample of the membership, and experiencing member services first hand by attending events and reviewing member communications.
  • Using the insights from our research to create a member journey map. A journey map enables FTA management and the Board to walk in the shoes of members, by better understanding the steps members go through as they interact with the FTA. It’s provided deeper insights about what motivates members and will help the FTA leadership to design future services that better meet your needs.

E.g. we plan to improve how members are on-boarded when they join the association. It will be an experience that reinforces to new members that they have made a wise decision in becoming part of the FTA member community.

  • Introducing a simple and efficient measurement to gauge how well FTA services are meeting member needs. Our goal is to measure how happy you are as a member. We’ll use a measurement known as Net Promotor Score (NPS) which is widely used among the top 200 ASX companies. It essentially asks only 3 questions of members:
  1. How likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or colleague?
  1. What is the main reason for your response?

What is the one thing we could do to improve your score?

  • Developing a high level framework for information delivery. We want to be certain that when we deliver an event, information, or CPD etc. we address the needs you told us were most important to you:
  1. Understanding: What do different member segments require from the FTA customer base to a level where the experience could be both pleasant and personalized?
  2. Clarity: What value will accrue to members from being part of the FTA?
  3. Informative: How does the FTA enrich members professional lives through high quality education and information?
  4. Connection: How do we assist members to connect and learn from one another?

We are confident this framework will assist the FTA with developing action plans, resourcing and prioritisation for new member focused initiatives.

We hope you find the improvements of real value and we welcome your ongoing feedback.

Mike Christensen FFTP
FTA President